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We are...

A fast growing innovative company that believes in green energy and a better future for our children.

Our mission is

affordable solar power for every home and business.

How will we achieve it?

Ниски цени на соларни фотоволтаични панели

Competitive prices

Access for our customers to renowned brands in solar energy at competitive prices.

Соларни инсталации, фирми и парньори за соларни системи


Working and partnering with businesses meeting our quality requirements. Helping end customers to find the best solutions for their solar system.

Соларни системи, фотоволтаични електроцентрали, ФЕЦ

Photovoltaic power plants

Construction of small and medium-sized photovoltaic plants in support of renewable energy sources for consumers.

Contact us

+359 888 865 585

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Sofia city, ul. Raiko Alexiev 20

PK 1113, Bulgaria

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